Eddie Vedder : Afas Live, Amsterdam – 27/05/2017. Setlist, Video and more.

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Il Tour Europeo di Eddie Vedder è partito ieri, Sabato 27 Maggio, dall’ AFAS Live di Amsterdam.

A pochi giorni dall’ improvvisa morte dell’ amico di lunga data Chris Cornell, e considerando il “silenzio” di Vedder fino a ieri sera, la performance era attesa da tutti. Non c’è stato nessun messaggio o discorso diretto, ma diverse sono state le dediche al Frontman dei Soundgardern.

Al brano di apertura “Long Road” dei Pearl Jam, Vedder ha cambiato le parole a : “Without you/ something is missing.” Suonate nella prima parte anche le cover di Cat Stevens’ “Trouble” e “The Needle and the Damage Done” di Neil Young (brano sulla dipendenza di eroina).

Il primo encore è stato part dalla cover dei Fugazi “I’m So Tired”, il cui testo contiene le parole : “Out here/ Barely see my breath/ Surrounded by jealousy and death/ I can’t be reached/ Only had one call/ Dragged underneath Separate from you all/ You all.”

Secondo quanto riporta dimitrispearljam sul forum ufficiale dei Pearl Jam, un fan ha urlato:  “I love you!”

Vedder ha risposto: “Thank you. I need it – we all need it. I’m thinking of a lot of people tonight. And some in particular and their families. And I just know that healing takes time, if it ever happens. It takes time, and that means you have to start somewhere. So let it be music. Let it be love and togetherness. And let it be Amsterdam.”

Ripartiamo  da qualcosa. Dalla musica. Dall’ Amore. Qui Ad Amsterdam.

Electro_UK, altro utente sul Forum, ha riportato :

“The show was pretty much entirely about Chris without directly mentioning him. It was clear Eddie couldn’t bring himself to talk about it head on. He spoke a little how the healing process can start with music and made numerous references to how sad he was and how much he and his friends were struggling. Frankly it is the bravest performance I have ever seen. At times it seemed like he was a word or two away from breaking into tears. He mumbled more than usual, he violently stamped into the floor on Immortality and others and after ‘The End’ I thought he was ready to just walk off and not play anymore. There were funny moments and he picked up in the second half. You could hear the crowd emotionally gasp when Light Years started. On the outro to ‘Sometimes’ he cried out ‘Where were you, dear God?’ It was heart breaking.”

Quindi nessuna menzione diretta a Cornell, ma molti pensieri ed emozioni a lui dedicate. Gli spettatori hanno più volte riportato di un Vedder molto emozionato e più volte vicino alle lacrime.

Long Road (Pearl Jam song)
Trouble (Cat Stevens cover)
Sometimes (Pearl Jam song)
Can’t Keep (Pearl Jam song)
Sleeping by Myself
Without You
Longing to Belong (with Jonas Pap)
The Needle and the Damage Done (Neil Young Cover)
I Am Mine (Pearl Jam song)
Light Years (Pearl Jam song)
Good Woman (Cat Power cover)
Far Behind
No Ceiling
I’m Open (Pearl Jam song)
Better Man (Pearl Jam song)
Immortality (Pearl Jam song)
Porch (Pearl Jam song)

I’m So Tired (Fugazi cover)
Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town (Pearl Jam song)
Imagine (John Lennon cover)
Heroes (David Bowie cover) (Partial)
Just Breathe (Pearl Jam song)
Lukin (Pearl Jam song)
Song Of Good Hope (Glen Hansard cover) (with Glen Hansard)
Falling Slowly (The Swell Season cover) (with Glen Hansard)
The End (Pearl Jam song)

Encore 2:
Rockin’ in the Free World (Neil Young cover)
Hard Sun


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